The flexible rental

Flexible and dynamic, evolving leasing is a real alternative to purchasing with equity or specialized credits. It is in the Evolving Lease formula that the company has the most flexibility.
During the lease contract, it can choose to renew, return or integrate additional equipment.


Plan a charge with fully deductible rents: Equipment, Software, Services.


Gradually renew your equipment fleet with the possibility of updating your contract on the initial investment with the same rent, and increasing your computer park through a simple amendment to the contract.


A solution for businesses with constantly evolving equipment needs: We take back your equipment, handle transportation and inventory, restore the items to their original condition, and optimize resale on the second-hand market. Take advantage of reduced costs and avoid the hassle of reselling old, diverse, or outdated equipment.


Preserved borrowing capacity. Renting doesn't create any asset or liability and the rents aren't included in off-balance sheet commitments:

  • Your balance sheet is lightened with investments transforming into operational expenses
  • It's an operating budget rather than an investment budget

The financial burden is spread over the lease term, allowing to benefit from:
  • No depreciation constraint
  • No initial VAT payment
  • No negative impact on your cash flow

The rents, recorded as expenses, reduce your tax liability. You fully deduct the rents as expenses in your income statement.

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